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Thinking about starting on your wellness journey with me?

Here are some frequently asked questions and their answers!

How do I become a customer?

There are two ways to become a customer, which unlocks your 24% wholesale discount for this order and future orders. You can either create a one-time 100 PV order or put an item on a monthly Loyalty Order. Loyalty Orders occur every month and can be modified.

Am I required to order monthly?

No, there's absolutely no requirement! You can order as often you want. However, with an active subscription, you retain your 24% wholesale discount. You also have the ability to earn Loyalty Rewards points for the months you place Loyalty Orders that are 50 PV or more. The percentage of Loyalty Rewards points earned increases with the number of consecutive months you place Loyalty Orders.

Do I have to sell to be a customer?

No, many of our customers simply buy our products to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. That's absolutely okay! But if you are interested in the business side of Young Living, you can purchase a $1.00 Business Essentials Kit. With this, you can join our team of brand partners and start earning commissions!

What is the Loyalty Rewards program?

Many of our customers order monthly to take advantage of our Loyalty Rewards program. With this program, you earn up to 25% back in points to redeem for free products, get regular loyalty gifts and earn additional gifts with purchase with certain spending tiers. The only requirement is to place a Loyalty Order of 50 PV or more every month to enjoy all these benefits.

What are Gifts with Purchase? 

Gifts with Purchase are free products that are added to your order when you reach certain spending tiers. For each of the spending tiers (100 PV, 190 PV, 250 PV, 300 PV, and sometimes 400 PV), you earn certain gifts. The more you spend, the more gifts you receive. The gifts with purchase items change monthly. So if you make an order that is the highest spending tier, you can earn from 4 to 10 free products depending on that month's product selections!

Why should I choose Young Living?

Young Living has an excellent reputation for providing a wide range of products, everything you need for your healthy lifestyle. We also have our Seed to Seal commitment, as all of our products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients and are free of toxins. Also, Young Living offers us with ongoing product education, which makes it easier to navigate the world of essential oils. 

How do I know how to use my essential oils?

Don't worry, I am here for you every step of the way! I will provide you with resources and answer any questions you may have. However, here are a few ideas. First, check out the "Free Resources" tab on this website. Also, read through the content under "Guides" in the Joy Rising Wellness Facebook group, as it covers the basics. Additionally, purchase the invaluable Field Reference Book, which is linked on this website's "Get Started" tab. This gets you started on your oily journey!

Why should I choose to enroll through Joy Rising Wellness?

When you enroll through Joy Rising Wellness, you get me as your oily friend! I connect you to exclusive online groups, help you with order ideas, and answer any of your questions! Our team also offers product education workshops. For interested brand partners, we also offer one-on-one trainings and business meetings.

Several of us Young Living brand partners created American Sign Language videos answering frequently asked questions. Topics include what Young Living has to offer, how to order, more information about our Loyalty Orders program, how to get started on a natural lifestyle, and more! Check out these ASL videos!

Watch the Videos

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