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Ready to get started on your natural living journey? You've come to the right place! Once you start on this journey, you won't look back as you experience positive changes in your life.

To get started, click on the "Get Started" tab and select the Young Living products you want to begin your wellness journey with. To unlock your 24% wholesale discount, either place a 100+ point value PV order (1 PV is usually equivalent to $1) or place an item on a monthly Loyalty Order. Your wholesale discount will also apply to your future orders. 

To continue your natural lifestyle, work on ditching and switching. Replace your household products with natural alternatives little by little. I recommend tackling one category per month. For example, one month could focus on replacing laundry products, the next month skincare products, and the following month cosmetics and so on. It took me about a year to complete my entire ditch and switch so give yourself time and budget for it. Once you finish this process, it becomes so much easier to maintain your natural lifestyle.

The best way to ditch and switch is to participate in our incredible Loyalty Order program. Put 50+ PV of products on a Loyalty Order every month to be delivered to your home. You can customize the items in every month’s order. With at least 50 PV on your Loyalty Order, you earn 10% back in Loyalty Rewards points the first 3 months based on your PV, 20% back in loyalty points the 4th month through the 24th month, and then 25% back in loyalty points from the 25th month onwards. Basically you get rewarded to shop and the Loyalty Rewards points add up fast! When you’re ready to redeem your loyalty points, you add items to your cart and redeem the points at checkout. By ordering monthly, you also earn loyalty gifts every three months the first year and then a loyalty gift every year onwards. 

As you consider these ideas, I invite you to scroll down this webpage. You can see a list of items I recommend to help you get started with natural living. I personally use and love all of these products, which may be helpful to you too. There is also a link to an app-based resource where you can get diffuser blend ideas. Sometimes I’m stuck on what to put in my diffuser to help me perk up, sleep better, or have a good mood. I really benefit from this resource so I’m hoping it is helpful for you as well. I also encourage you to look at other tabs on this website such as Free Resources and FAQs for more information on how to get started. You can also always contact me if you have questions or want even more information. 

Thank you and I’m so pleased to have you alongside me on this journey of holistic wellness!

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Recommended Items

These products may be helpful as you get started on your oily journey. I personally have enjoyed using them!

Bottle Set

A set of roller bottles and various sizes of spray bottles. Perfect for oils, skincare, and cleaning DIYs. The little funnels and bottle cap opener are so useful too.


Roller Bottles

A set of 10 mL roller bottles with bamboo lids. Make your own roller blends with essential oils and carrier oils for head tension, calm feelings and more.


Spray Bottles

A set of 13 mL spray bottles with a classy design. Excellent for making perfumes, mask sprays, and room sprays using your favorite essential oil scents.


Fractionated Coconut Oil

A 16 oz bottle of organic fractionated coconut oil. A key carrier oil in many oily DIY. Not recommended for use on the face as it can clog pores.


Jojoba Oil

A 16 oz bottle of non-GMO jojoba oil. Well known for use in skincare products such as glow serum. Especially good for normal or oily skin.


Carrier Oil Set

A set of five 100% pure carrier oils. Coconut oil is used in roller bottles, castor oil in hair DIY, and almond, avocado, and grapeseed oils in skincare.


Witch Hazel

A 8 0z bottle of unscented, alcohol-free witch hazel. Witch hazel is often used with essential oils and water to make room sprays, mask sprays, and more!


Dryer Balls

A set of six 100% extra large wool dryer balls. Ditch your dryer sheets full of chemicals and use these. Add drops of your favorite essential oils for nice smells!


Field Reference Book

A portable book full of valuable information. Learn how to safely use oils, the purpose of individual oils, and how to use oils to support your health issues.


Need ideas what to diffuse?

Check out this incredible database of diffuser blends, available on the computer and app. You can search blends by single or multiple oils. There are also lists of blends for certain seasons and activities. Monthly memberships are $2.99 and yearly memberships are $9.99. Check out my affiliate link below!

Start Diffusing!

The Kissfist Shop

Check out our Deaf family-owned shop! We sell products for inner peace and outer beauty, including some beautiful essential oil roll-on bottles. These bottles come in five different blend varieties and are convenient to use our beloved essential oils while on the go.

The Kissfist Shop

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