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Want to learn more?

As you start on your wellness journey with essential oils, you may realize there is a lot to learn but you are not sure where to start. Here are some helpful free resources you may benefit from.

Social Learning Groups

There are several exclusive online groups that I will add you to once you enroll with me, including my Deaf-friendly one, Joy Rising Wellness. One of my favorite things about these groups is reading testimonials and advice by other oily friends!

Zoom Classes

There are many Zoom classes run by our team members covering a range of oily topics. There are both live classes and on-demand recordings with captions. Information about the classes are posted in the online groups.

Instagram Accounts

Follow these accounts for more oily information and inspiration:






Five Simple Steps to Make a Healthy Home

Learn how to create your home to be a safe place free of toxins the easy way!

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